the team

We hope that all people who get involved at Common Ground become leaders in God's grand conspiracy of love and mercy.  Here are some of the people you will see doing various things around here.

  • Benjamin Morris - Pastor/Storyteller in Residence

    Ben serves as pastor here at Common Ground.  He is ordained in the Lutheran tradition (ELCA) and is passionate about serving alongside people of all backgrounds, and showing that the Gospel is more inclusive, reckless and wonderfully irresponsible than we could ever imagine.  When he is not out and about doing pastor stuff he can be found with his family, in the outdoors sharing in the adventure.  He is also a proud WFR (Wilderness First Responder) though hopes to never have to use the skills.

  • Anna-Lisa Hunter - Pastor

    Anna-Lisa Hunter - Campus Minister
    Anna-Lisa is minister at Common Ground and active in the United Methodist tradition. She loves watching people grow spiritually and find sacred spaces in their lives. Through several career changes, Anna-Lisa has remained committed to walking the walk on social justice issues to transform the world. Outside ministry, she fills her time with camping, music and crochet.

  • Edel - Official Dog of Common Ground

    Edel is Pastor Ben's German Wirehaired Pointer Mix.  Born and raised on a reservation in Northern Minnesota she has grown up around people and in churches all over.  She accompanies Pastor Ben on most of his outdoor adventures and can even hold her own whitewater canoeing.  She is around the building most days and loves to be taken for walks and runs by students.