Common Ground is a campus ministry in La Crosse, WI that is open, affirming, hopeful, and embracing of all faith journeys. We are unashamedly followers of Jesus and in the spirit of Jesus, we strive to be inquisitive, friendly to all and invite creative conversation before anyone lands on anything like a definitive answer.

Why do we need common ground?

Because the world around us makes us want to choose. Choose between our mind or our heart. Choose between faith or reason. Choose between insiders and outsiders. Choose between us or them. 

So here in La Crosse, where the bluffs meet the river there is a place where you, all of you - your hopes, fears, wonder, doubts, joys and dreams are welcome. Here you will find Common Ground.

So who is common ground for? It's for you. Come on by, we are on the corner of 14th and Pine.

Probably the best way to experience what Common Ground is about is our Sunday worship - we meet in the coffee house every Sunday during the semester at 7:07pm. 

general stuff

Location:  Corner of 14th and Pine

Open: 9am - 10pm (or later if coffeehouse staff feel like it)

Phone number: (608) 784-5935

website: you are on it now